Creality CR-M4
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Creality CR-M4

Introducing the Creality CR-M4 3D Printer, a powerful and versatile machine designed to unleash your creativity on a grand scale. With a massive build volume of 450x450x470mm, this workhorse printer brings your boldest ideas to life with ease. It features an upgraded high-flow nozzle and 50W heater cartridge, enabling smooth feeding of high-temperature filaments at 300°C. The aluminum heat bed quickly heats up to 60°C within 160 seconds, improving efficiency.

Key features of the CR-M4:

- All-metal hot end, direct extruder with dual-gear design for consistent extrusion force.
- Impressive build volume of 450x450x470mm.
- Versatile printing options via USB, USB-C, RJ45, or WiFi (with LAN connection).
- Support for high-temperature printing up to 300°C for various filaments.
- Bendable spring steel sheet for easy removal of large models.
- Fully automatic leveling with CR Touch, ensuring precise calibration with 0.05mm accuracy.
- Upgraded high-flow nozzle and 50W heater cartridge.
- Standalone 4020 fan for effective cooling of printed sections.
- Dual Z-axis system with rigid triangle rods and standalone motors for smooth movement.
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