Creality CR 10 smart pro
  • Creality CR 10 smart pro
  • Creality CR 10 smart pro

Creality CR 10 smart pro

The Creality CR-10 Smart Pro caters to both advanced and novice users alike. It is an ideal choice for beginners seeking a large print volume (300 x 300 x 400 mm) and desiring high-quality 3D prints with user-friendly operation and minimal errors. As an upgraded version of the Creality CR-10 Smart 3D Printer, the CR-10 Smart Pro sets itself apart by incorporating an all-metal direct-drive extruder.

Prominent features of the CR-10 Smart Pro include:

- All-metal direct drive extruder, ensuring robust extrusion and compatibility with various filaments
- The general print volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm
- Creality cloud app for convenient remote print management
- Support for high-temperature printing up to 300°C, facilitating the use of multiple filaments
- PEI magnetic plate made of spring steel, promoting strong adhesion and effortless print removal
- Dual-mode leveling for achieving impeccable first-layer quality
- AI HD camera and real-time intelligent handheld control
- Environmentally friendly LED lighting, enhancing visibility within the build space
- Dual Z-Axis and Dual Diagonal Drawbars for enhanced stability and improved printing accuracy.
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